Lumberjacks prepare for conference season


Editor’s Note: Due to circumstances outside of our control, the annual football edition has been delayed to September 27. We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion.

The Lumberjack football season has begun with two wins already against Stuttgart and White Hall in both non-conference games. After a week off, the Lumberjacks return home against Star City on Friday night.

In preparation for the season, the Lumberjacks began their training weeks before school started.

Lumberjack Head Coach Bo Hembree told The Eagle Democrat their strengths this season is the experience of the wide receivers and running backs. He also said the defensive line is strong.

One of their weaknesses this season, is a young inexperienced quarterback, Jackson Denton, who is just starting out. He also said a couple players on the defensive and offensive line are inexperienced.

“Overall, I’m really pleased with where we’re at right now,” said Coach Hembree. “It’s a long year, but it’s a good starting point.”

Coach Hembree told The Eagle Democrat they’ve been fortunate for over 20 years, the state championship comes through Warren.

Starting on the offensive line, is Alex Wardlaw, a senior, who plays at Center this season. He’s been on the team for the last three years. Coach Hembree said Wardlaw’s been getting better and better each year.

Jakendric Burks, a junior, is at right guard. Coach Hembree said he’s their most improved player on the team and had an incredible off-season.

Race Frazer, a junior, plays left guard. He’s been on the team for three years and had a good off-season. Coach Hembree told The Eagle Democrat they’re excited about him and hopes he keeps getting better.

At right tackle is Terrence Roberson, a senior. He’s a two-year starter and the leader on the front lines. Coach Hembree said he’s gotten college offers from University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and Missouri State. Coach Hembree said Roberson keeps getting better and better.

Bryson Harris, a junior, is left tackle and a two-year starter. Coach Hembree said they’re very excited about him.

“Those two guys [Roberson and Harris] are our leaders and the three guys in the middle are inexperienced right now, but I think they’ll get better every game,” said Coach Hembree.

The Lumberjacks have a freshman quarterback in Jackson Denton.

“We decided back in June to move him up and he had a really good summer,” said Coach Hembree. “We know there’s going to be some ups and downs, but hopefully more ups than downs. We think by the middle of the year, he has a chance to be really good.”

For running back, the Lumberjacks have Treylon Jackson, a senior, and Jordyn Ingram, another senior. Coach Hembree said he feels good about them.

Antonio Jordan, Neon’dre Thomas, Kam Davis, and Tramond Miller, who are all juniors, are wide receivers.

Starting on the defensive line is senior Neeyo Harding. He’s a two-year starter and defensive end. Coach Hembree said he’s got a chance to be really, really good, but needs to get better on playing hard on every snap, but he’s “very explosive”.

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Jordyn Ingram is another defensive end. He started last year at the end of the year. Coach Hembree said he has a very high motor and is all over the place. Coach Hembree said he makes plays everywhere.

Inside the defensive line is Bryson Harris, a two-year starter and a junior. Trestan Greene is also inside the defensive line. It’s the first time he has played inside. Coach Hembree thinks he’ll get better each week.

Ervin Rivera, a senior, took his brother’s, Delfino Rivera, position as linebacker. Coach Hembree said he’s very smart and gets them lined up. He’s their quarterback on defense. Coach Hembree was very excited about him.

Outside linebackers are John David Tillman, a senior, who played a lot last year on special teams.

Cody Weatherspoon, a junior, is another outside linebacker. He played some last year and is now playing more this season.

Luis Woods, a sophomore, is also outside linebacker. Coach Hembree said he has a great motor and led the Junior Jacks team in tackles last year.

“We’re very excited about them,” said Coach Hembree. “We got four of them for three spots. They’re going to rotate in and be able stay fresh. Hopefully all four of them will continue to get better as the season goes on.”

On secondary, they are starting with Treylon Jackson on one corner and Kam Davis on the other corner. Cameron Burks, a junior, will be in the safety spot. Aaron Davis, a sophomore, will also be in the safety spot.

Allen Juarez is the new kicker for the Lumberjacks. It’s his first year playing football and also plays soccer. Coach Hembree said he’s very excited about him and thinks he’ll continue to get better.

“We got so much depth in the secondary because we got a lot of guys who started last year, that were not having to play both ways right now,” said Coach Hembree. “This is the first time in a while we have two guys going both ways. We can even narrow it down to one or two. Right now, going into Friday night that’s what we look like.”


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