City Council honors Cameron as Employee of the Quarter


The Warren City Council gathered for its monthly meeting on Monday, July 9 to discuss various issues. The first item on the agenda was the approval of the minutes for the previous meeting. A motion was made to approve and all voted in favor.

The City Clerk’s report was next on the agenda. The following expenses are year-to-date:

  • Administrative- $205,063.61.
  • Law enforcement- $1,022,023.86
  • Fire- $523,243.82
  • Sanitation- $500,696.07
  • Building codes- $12,051.69
  • District court- $53,373.57
  • Municipal building- $400,508.15
  • Recreational- $118,347.73
  • Cultural Center- $1,844.60
  • Armory- $5,919.18
  • Shooting range- $24,659.27
  • Senior Citizen Center- $4,628.28
  • Other- $10,122.00
  • Airport- $19,491.81
  • Economic development- $17,752.89
  • Street- $359,072.35

A motion was made to approve the city’s expenditures. All voted in favor.

The next item on the agenda was recognition of a city employee for Employee of the Quarter. The council recognized Adam Cameron who is a full-time firefighter for the city of Warren.

“We want to thank you for everything you do,” Mayor Gregg Reep said. “You work hard for this department and I hear good things from the public.”

Cameron and his family, who were present, were then presented with a gift card.

“We appreciate everything that Adam does for us,” Reep also said.

Reep then moved on to talk about industrial development. Final approval was made with MaxSum Environmental to purchase property for $150,000 at the Warren Industrial Park. County Judge Klay McKinney who was also present at the meeting told the Council that MaxSum is ready to start investing in the property.

Next, District Prosecuting Attorney, Frank Spain spoke to the Council about the homeless issues that Warren is currently having. There have been complaints of homeless individuals sleeping on public property around the city. Spain spoke on the Supreme Court ruling of Grants Pass vs Johnson which has made it possible for cities to make it illegal for individuals to sleep in public places. He also talked about the benefits of community policing, but did not fail to mention that there can be complexities when dealing with this problem.

Next, Rob Johnson who is the sanitation manager gave an update on Warren’s sanitation services. He told the Council that the city will receive a new boom loader on Tuesday.

Monty Hearnsberger then presented the street report.

Reep then presented an update on the Solar Bonds issue. The closing date was on Tuesday, July 9. The city will have approximately $625,000 in their construction account which is held at Union Bank.

The meeting was then adjourned.