Warren Woman's Club short story and poetry winners announced


The Warren Woman’s Club sponsored a short story and poetry contest in Hermitage schools, Warren schools, and First Baptist Christian School. Each of the students in the schools received a writing journal and a certificate from the club for their winnings.

FBC Christian School

- Second grade short story: first place, Collin Peek for “Leopard Gecko”; second place, Deacon Murphy for “My Dog Hank”; and third place tie with Arielle Weaver for “My Pig” and Averi Burris for “Miloy and Oreo”.

- Third grade short story: first place, Emily Payne for “Being a Ghost for a Day”; second place, Jacey Clark for “A Ghost for a Day”; and third place, Blair Cox for “A Ghost for a Day”.

- Third grade poetry: first place, Corbin Rice for “Slow”; second place tie, Eden Denton for “Woods” and Madi Gates for “The Bahamas is Beautiful”; and third place tie, Noelle Anderson for “Disney” and Callen Lucky for “Barrel Racing”.

- Fourth grade short story: first place, Lincoln Williamnson for “The Adventure”; second place tie, Westin Clanton for “The Energy Rock” and Pyper Stanley for “The Door with Letters”; and third place, Lucy Denton for “My Papa”.

- Fifth grade short story: first place, Mia Smith for “Cabin in the Woods”; second place, Lily Rauls for “Dance Competition”; and third place, Cayden Reed for “My Dad’s Job”.

- Sixth grade short story: first place, Addilee Murphy for “The Suitcase”; second place, Mattie Robertson for “The Figure”; and third place, Benjamin Payne for “The Suitcase”.

- Seventh grade short story and poetry: first place, Mason Simpson for “The Big Chicken”; second place, David Slade Huggins for “Terrible Territory”; and third place tie with Zander Ankney for “Forgiving Little Snake” and Axel Martinez for “A Boy on a Tree”. First place poetry, Jackson Williamnson for “I Won’t Stop Worshipping”.

- Eighth grade short story: first place, John Sawyer Murphy for “The Chi-Cockadoodledoo-cken; second place tie, Brooke Rawls for “The Fishing Trip” and Paisley Stanley for “Diesel and Me”; and third place, Owen Roberson for “Fish”.

Warren School District

- Warren Middle School: first place, seventh grader Asher Reep for his short story “199th” and his poem “Ode to a Faithful Friend”.

- Warren High School Short Story: first place Daniel Castillo for “The Sea”; second place tie, J’Ciana A. Strong for “Dead Girl Walking” and Joshua Myers for “Darkest Day”.

- Warren High School Poetry ninth grade: Anna Arroyo for “New Beginnings”.

- Warren High School Poetry 10th grade: first place, Joshua Myers for “Petricher”; and second place, J’Ciana A. Strong for “Ode to Music”.

- Warren High School Poetry 11th grade: first place, Abigail Raines for “Our Planets”.

Hermitage School District

- Kindergarten short story: first place, Lyla Blake for “Bees”; second place, Asher Hicks for “When I Grow Up”; and third place, Timothy Hannah for “When I Grow Up”.

- First grade short story: first place, River Wilson for “The Fiary and the Butterfly”; second place tie, Sam Baggett for “My Bowling Trip” and Jemma Keller for “My Birthday Day”; and third place, Tucker McCreary for “My Bowling Trip”.

- Third grade short story: first place, Jensen Harrod for “The Time I Helped My Mom”; second place, Whitleigh Colvin for “The Day I Helped This Puppy”’ and third place, Davis Huitt for “How I Helped My Papaw”.

- Fourth grade short story: first place, Elizabeth Wood for “Good Quality is My Kind of Movie”; second place tie, Ashton Grider for “How My Movie is Better than Others” and Avery Ledbetter for “What Makes a Good Movie”; and third place, Cameron Rady for “My Favorite Animal”.

- Fifth grade short story: first place, Kenzie Grice for “The Phone Versus the Television”; second place, Alexa Hargis for TV vs. Phone”; and third place, Kenleigh Johnson for “TV vs. Phone”.

- Sixth grade short story: first place, Logan Rady for “A Lesson Learned”; second place, Drake Atkins for “Overcoming Fears”; and third place, Dakota Granderson for “A Fishing Trip”.

- Ninth grade short story: first place, Kayleea Keller for “A Princess”.

- Fourth grade poetry: Cameron Rady for “My Favorite Pet”.

- Sixth grade poetry: Logan Rady for “My Habits”.

- Ninth grade poetry: Kayleea Keller for “Festival Time.”