Warren City Council honors city employee


The Warren City Council met for their monthly meeting on Monday, April 8 to discuss different issues. The minutes from the previous month’s meeting were presented and the council motioned to accept the minutes. All were in favor. The City Clerk’s report was then presented. Administrative expenses were $103,942.74. Law enforcement expenses were $537,344.73. Fire expenses were $360,189.26. Sanitation expenses were $232,338.31. Building code expenses were $5,701.72. District court expenses were $25,959.85. Municipal building expenses were $1,900.72. Recreation expenses were $44,274.91. Cultural center expenses were $699.84. Armory expenses were $4260.41. Shooting range expenses were $12,148.98. Senior citizen’s center expenses were $166.79. Other expenses were $5,678.00. Airport expenses were $17,063.10. Economic development expenses were $5,100.00. Street expenses were $110,124.23. All of these expenses are year-to-date. The council motioned to accept the city clerk’s report, and all were in favor. The city sales tax for the month was $85,467.70. The county tax was $58,067.82. It was reported that both amounts were up for the month. Mayor Gregg Reep reported that revenues continued to be very strong.

Reep then presented his report saying that the council has decided to start honoring city employees quarterly.

“We value all of our employees, and we want to show them that we appreciate them,” Alderman Angela Marshall said.

Warren Police Chief Shaun Hildreth recognized Police Officer Alexander Carlos as the honored city employee.

“On behalf of the city, we appreciate what you do for us and the work you’ve done,” Reep said to Carlos. “Congratulations!”

“Every day when I get up and put my uniform on, I want to do everything I can to the best of my ability to make Warren a safe community,” Carlos said. “I’m here for you guys.”

Everyone expressed their appreciation to Officer Carlos.

The next order of business was the re-appointment of Terry Goldman and the appointment of Patsy Plair to the Civil Service Commission. The council voted in favor of both. The council also voted in favor of the re-appointment of Terri Calloway and Jennifer Rodriguez to the Board of Adjustment and Appeals and the appointment of Bill Taylor to the Board of Adjustment and Appeals as well.

Seth Wyatt, a graduate student from The Clinton School then spoke to the council about how using the Esri Business Analyst software would possibly bring more business to the city of Warren. Wyatt has been coming to Warren every other week for the past few months to meet with Reep and present data that he has been finding using the software. The Esri software uses census and business analytic data to give the user details about the area. Examples are how many people commute to and from Warren, the number of people who walk to work, and what people spend most of their money on. Wyatt reported that the zip code that Warren is in has a lot of market potential for fast food. Wyatt will compile all of his findings in a report that will be accessible to the council.

The council then heard the police, fire, sanitation, and road reports.

The next meeting will be on Monday, May 13.