Quorum Court hears from Extension Office


The Bradley County Quorum Court met for their monthly meeting on Tuesday, February 20 to discuss various topics. The meeting opened with Leeanna Williams giving the court an update on Meditech saying that the hospital was finally on the other side of going live with Meditech and that things were going well.

John Gavin then spoke on behalf of the extension office. He reported that former extension agent Michelle Carter is still with the extension office but is no longer the County Extension Agent for Bradley County because she has moved into a new position. Carter is now the area coordinator for obesity education covering four counties. Penny Vance was hired as the new Extension Agent. Vance is a Drew County Native and had previously been with the Drew Central school district before coming to Bradley County.

“Penny has hit the ground running and is already out in the community,” Gavin said.

Gavin also gave an annual update from the extension office. Gavin reported that concerning agriculture, 2023 was a very good year. The department was able to get a grant that funded the research on Tomato Fruitworm caught by traps that were put out. This research will help tomato farmers this coming tomato season. The extension office also offers soil testing for homeowners at no cost.

The extension office is also responsible for the Bradley County Fair and Livestock Show. This year the junior livestock show had a record-setting premium sale of $31,575.00 and the proceeds went back to the kids who showed to help them pay for their projects. The extension office also is responsible for 4-H and currently, there are eight different clubs in Bradley County, including an archery club that won an event that qualified them to go to Nationals.

County Judge Clay McKinney brought the previous meeting’s minutes before the court and a motion was made and passed to approve the previous month’s minutes. All voted in favor. The treasure’s report was next and again, all voted in favor to approve the treasure’s report.

Sheriff Hershal Tillman then presented his report. For January there were 76 papers served, 22 tickets/citations issued, and currently, there are 14 inmates incarcerated. The total that was paid for housing inmates for January was $11,465.00. A motion was made and passed to accept the sheriff’s report. All were in favor.

McKinney then presented his report. He told the court that the county will continue to feel the effects of the ice for the rest of the year. He also reported that he had been receiving a lot of complaints about trash not being picked up.

“If you have an issue with trash not being picked up, you can call 1-800-996-0012, which is the phone number for Get Rid Of It,” McKinney said.

McKinney reported that the trash pick-up is working on getting back on a normal schedule, but as of right now, trash may be picked up anywhere between 8:30-11:30.

Starting March 1, landfill rates will go up and match the rates of Drew County.

Recently the county, along with the EAST club from Warren High School created a survey asking the public for ideas on what to do with the property on Cedar Street. There were over 500 responses and the overall consensus was to turn it into an entertainment venue. The city has since posted a second survey to further narrow down results. Please go to the Bradley County Courthouse Facebook page to access the survey and submit your answers.

The court then adjourned.

The next meeting will be on Monday, March 18, at the Bradley County Courthouse.