Bradley County Fair Best of Show winners announced


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The Bradley County Fair took place over the weekend. Many vendors were in attendance, along with food trucks and exhibits.

The following won the Best of Show:


Junior: Benjamin Green

Senior: Paul Gatling

Flowers Single Specimen

Junior: Elianna Green

Senior: Lynn Lawrence

Floral Arrangement

Senior: Phyllis Steadman


Junior: Benjamin Green

Senior: Karen McDougald

Household Arts

Junior: Elianna Green

Senior: Alayne Zimmerly

Quilted Items

Senior: Linda Kercheval

Crochet, Knitting, and Tatting

Junior: Addyson Powell

Senior: Laura Napier


Senior: Linda Kercheval


Junior: Jake Castleberry

Senior: Joy Kitchens


Senior: Alayne Zimmerly


Senior: Joy Kitchens

Baked Goods

Junior: Benjamin Green

Senior: Laura Thornton


Junior: Evan McCoskey

Senior: Lynn Hearnsberger

Tomato Crafts

Senior: Linda Kercheval


Junior: Abigail Raines

Senior: Sandra Gatling

Holiday Corner

Junior: Alexa Hargis

Senior: Sue Wilson


Senior: Shelia Gorman

Personal Care

Senior: Leigh Brandon

Nursing Home

Senior: Sandra DalSanto

Food Preservation

Junior: Judson Green

Senior: Diane Parnell

School Spirit

Junior: Abigail Raines

Senior: Linda Kercheval


Senior: Alayne Zimmerly


Junior: Alexa Hargis

Senior: Laura McKinney


Junior: Judson Green

Senior: Lynn Lawrence

The 2023 livestock winners  from the Bradley County Fair are the following:


- Grand Champion Commercial Heifer -Holden Cathey

- Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer - Emma Outlaw

- Grand Champion Breeding Heifer - Macy Jarvis

- Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer -Holden Cathey

- Grand Champion Bull - Holden Cathey

- Senior Beef Showmanship - Macy Jarvis

- Junior Beef Showmanship - Holden Cathey


- Grand Champion Market Hog - Luke Cathey

- Reserve Champion Market Hog -Luke Cathey

- Grand Champion Duroc Gilt -Grant Ferrell

- Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt -Javen Thompson

- Senior Swine Showmanship Grant Ferrell

Junior Swine Showmanship -Luke Cathey

Dairy Goat

- Grand Champion Dairy Goat -Alexis Thomas

- Reserve Champion Dairy Goat -Asher Weaver

- Grand Champion Buck - Dathan Rice

- Reserve Champion Buck - Alexis Thomas

- Senior Goat Showmanship -Brooke Rawls

- Junior Goat Showmanship -Corbin Rice

Market Lamb

- Grand Champion Market Lamb - Olivia Cook

- Reserve Champion Market Lamb - Olivia Cook

- Grand Champion Ewe - Olivia Cook

Katahdin Sheep

- Grand Champion Female - Brooke Rawls

- Reserve Champion Female -Brooke Rawls

- Grand Champion Ram - Brooke Rawls

- Senior Sheep Showmanship -Olivia Cook

- Junior Sheep Showmanship -Brooke Rawls


- Junior Grand Champion Bantam -Brooke Rawls

- Junior Reserve Champion Bantam -Abella Braswell

- Junior Grand Champion Standard Poultry -Paisleigh Martin

- Junior Reserve Champion Standard Poultry – Evan McCoskey

- Junior Grand Champion Standard Polish -Asher Weaver

- Senior Grand Champion Bantam -Jonalyn Reep

- Senior Reserve Champion Bantam -Tonya Rawls

- Senior Grand Champion Standard -Jessica Murphy

- Grand Champion 4-H Poultry Chain -Laila Lawrence

- Reserve Champion 4-H Poultry Chain -Olivia Roberson


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