New Program Helps COPD and Asthma Patients Afford Their Medicine


(BPT) - For many patients, a diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can come as a shock. COPD, a chronic respiratory condition, can drastically impact quality of life, making everyday tasks like walking or climbing stairs a struggle.

Oftentimes, patients know very little about COPD. Many turn to their healthcare providers for guidance and support—exploring treatment options together that include inhaler medications.

Getting the right medication to patients who need it can make a huge difference in the way respiratory conditions, like COPD and asthma, are managed. Making these medications more accessible for patients means they can go out and live their lives on their own terms. Increasing access to inhalers with predictable, affordable and consistent costs gives people the opportunity to regain a sense of normalcy.

Enter Boehringer Ingelheim, a global independent healthcare company on a mission to make essential medications more accessible to those who need them most. With the launch of their new program to cap out-of-pocket inhaler costs for eligible patients at just $35 per month, they’re breaking cost and access barriers for patients who depend on their medications.

With Boehringer Ingelheim’s program, eligible patients can benefit from support available to them, both medically and financially. It is the company’s most tangible attempt to ensure patients don’t have to choose between their health and their wallets.

As Boehringer Ingelheim continues to lead the way in ensuring their medications are more accessible, most eligible commercially insured patients should find the process of getting their inhalers not only cheaper, but simpler, too. For eligible patients with commercial insurance, the discount happens automatically at the pharmacy counter, with no action required—no websites to visit or forms to fill out.

All other eligible patients, including those whose pharmacies do not participate and those without insurance, can visit to enroll for a co-pay card to present at their pharmacy to receive the same $35 reduced cost.

As with any chronic condition, it’s important to work closely with your healthcare provider to determine the best course of treatment. For more information about the program details, including terms and conditions, visit

*Terms and conditions apply. Government restrictions exclude people enrolled in federal government insurance programs from co-pay support.